Private Lessons

Just for you: a class tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Held in our fully equipped studio with use of reformers, cadillac, Wunda chair and spine corrector

As well as the bodyweight exercises performed on the mat, Joseph Pilates created a complete system of exercises using a range of studio apparatus. Central to his system is the Pilates reformer, supported by a whole range of equipment, including the cadillac and Wunda chair. A diverse range of exercises can be performed on the equipment, many of which relate to ones that matwork students will be familiar with. The spring tension gives extra feedback to the body, making it easier to improve quality of movement. The set up can be modified according to the needs of the user; for example adding or removing springs will change the resistance to add challenge or assistance to help you achieve your movement goals. 

Private sessions tailor the programme to your specific needs. They are perfect if you are looking for help rehabilitating from an injury (many of our clients are referred by Physiotherapists and Osteopaths). We also recommend them if you are looking to support your sports training or focus on improving your strength and posture whilst having the close attention and guidance of our teachers.

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely and cover you appropriately throughout a range of movements. Usually a t-shirt or vest and shorts or leggings. Avoid any clothing or jewellery with long parts that might get caught in the equipment. Please do not wear sharp jewellery or zips that might damage the upholstery. We ask you to wear gripsocks. You will not need trainers.

If you have very specific needs, we recommend that you book 1:1 sessions with us initially; however, private lessons can accommodate one, two, or three clients - so once you are ready, you can bring a friend or two! 

We expect you to take at least one private lessons or induction lesson prior to your first group reformer lesson with us. An induction lesson is a shorter class, typically 20-30 minutes long, where we teach you how to safely use the reformer apparatus, help you to choose an appropriate class for your abilities, and prepare you for any modifications you may need. Following your induction, you will be prepared to confidently and seamlessly enter a group lesson.