About us

The Ease Pilates experience

Ease Pilates is a new reformer studio in West Cambridge, founded by Body Control Pilates teacher Jane Mansley. Our mission is to help more people to discover a love of movement through Pilates on the reformer.

Our Team

Jane Mansley

Principal Pilates Teacher
Studio Director

Jane has been teaching fitness since 2011, when she qualified as a teacher of Exercise to Music.

Since then she has specialised in Pilates, qualifying in Level 3 Pilates Matwork in 2015 and subsequently taken further qualifications in bone health (osteoporosis), low back pain and teaching exercise to older adults.

Jane uses the mat, reformer, cadillac, wunda chair and small props to help her students achieve their movement goals. She trained with Body Control Pilates, and continues to develop her professional skill set both with Body Control Pilates and independent Pilates teachers.

In keeping with her roots as an aerobics instructor, Jane continues to teach fitness classes as she believes that Pilates and fitness are perfect partners for a healthy body.

As a former biologist with a PhD from Cambridge University, Jane applies a scientific approach to her learning and practice.

Wendy Horrocks

Comprehensive Studio Pilates Teacher

Wendy qualified as a Personal Trainer and Exercise to Music Teacher with Premier Global in 1999 and 2002, respectively. She worked as a personal trainer on cruise ships for just over a year before being drawn more towards a mind, body approach to exercise.

Wendy completed her Pilates matwork training in 2015 with Dominique Jansen at Pilates off the Square in London. She then went on to complete the 400 hours needed to be a fully comprehensive teacher working with the Pilates studio equipment.

For Wendy, Pilates is the whole package: building flexibility, strength and stamina within the body whilst centering the body and mind through concentration and breath work. It is her form of meditation and she believes that everyone can benefit from Pilates.

Wendy is also a fully certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Beauty and Massage Therapist and a member of the Pilates Professional Group.

Testimonials for Jane

"Jane is the best fitness instructor I have ever had!!!!!!!!! And I've had quite a few over the years. I am very impressed by the way she instructs her pupils, always putting their safety first. Explaining how certain movements could potentially cause injury if done incorrectly, but also explaining how beneficial certain movements are for strengthening different parts of the body. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is phenomenal."

"Jane’s classes are really good and I can definitely feel the difference if I have to miss one. I have complete confidence in her knowledge of Pilates and she keeps updating herself regularly. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I would thoroughly recommend Jane."

"Jane is a highly motivating instructor, clear with instructions, quick to notice if adaptations are required, always encouraging and kind."

"Jane is brilliant, I've learned so much about why we do pilates the way we do as well as becoming so much stronger and more balanced through the exercises. She takes great care of everyone so that we can all get the most out of classes."

"Jane is always positive and enthusiastic and I look forward to my class every week."

"Your classes are brilliant. I am fitter, stronger and slimmer all thanks to you!"

"Jane is a very positive teacher, and so kind and caring about all her pupils. Thank you Jane. I am a BIG fan."

"Jane is an outstanding pilates instructor. Her classes are by far the best I have tried. She is extremely knowledgable, I feel very safe in her hands and the classes have had a significant impact on my back pain and overall physical health. Her classes have a calm and happy atmosphere and are a positive part of my week."

"Jane is a professional teacher, incredibly well organised and with great attention to detail. Even during online classes there is no escape from her watchful eyes ensuring that movements are undertaken correctly in order to minimise unwanted strain on the body but maximise strength, mobility and muscle development. Since joining her classes I have a greater understanding of Pilates movements and the very positive impact undertaking them has on my body. I highly recommend her classes."

"Jane is a real professional. I've improved my overall fitness and strength through Pilates and can't rate her highly enough!"

"Clear, helpful advice and instructions. Jane adjusts the exercises for individual needs which has been really helpful for me with a sore shoulder and back."

"Jane is a well trained, very knowledgeable Pilates instructor. I feel confident in her teaching, and think she has adapted well to teaching online. She is able to correct position and describe how to improve movement effectively. She also aware of peoples personal challenges and is able to provide alternative exercises. I thoroughly recommend her as a Pilates teacher."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Pilates with Jane. She is an expert teacher who is calm and guides our understanding of Pilates fluidity movements. I have enjoyed progressing with her and seeing how my body and mind have harmonised and strengthened with her guidance and fun classes."

Testimonials for Wendy

"Wendy Jane’s Pilates classes are a joy to attend. They are well structured yet fun and gently progressive ... a cheerful, welcoming and intuitive teacher who can readily adapt her exercises for her client’s individual needs."

“Wendy is a wonderful Pilates teacher who is very sensitive and accommodating to the needs of her diverse students... Wendy’s classes are always different (targeting different parts of the body) and versatile (each exercise having multiple level options). Wendy also has a beautiful and positive attitude towards life, we all learn as much from her vast knowledge of Pilates technique as from her resilience. I feel very fortunate to have her as a teacher.”

"Wendy is an excellent instructor. I felt in safe hands and at the same time that she pushed me. I felt parts of my body that I haven't felt before with other exercise!"

"Wendy is very professional and good at explaining the details. She gave me confidence as a beginner. Before the lesson, I forced myself to get out of bed, but coming out from it, I feel alive!"

"When I was scared, she was there to support me but also to push me. I wouldn't have achieved what I did without her there."

"Wendy is a great instructor! I have been taking her Pilates classes since 2018 and I have really noticed a difference in my core strength. Her classes are enjoyable and the right level of challenging! She is attentive to individuals’ needs in class and ensures you get the most out of every move."

"I have had various Pilates teachers over the years and Wendy is definitely the best! Wendy gives clear and detailed instructions throughout the sessions and explains how the exercises work; she is also aware that people have differing levels of ability so you never feel under pressure. Wendy is a lovely person and her classes are fun too!"

"I have attended Wendy’s pilates classes for many years and have found her to be an excellent teacher. She gives a very good and enjoyable class, explaining and demonstrating each exercise in depth whilst we work and she possesses a good understanding of the human body and musculature, keeping a keen eye on us at all times. She has obviously had a very thorough training. Pilates has benefitted me so much, as I’m elderly and have undergone two hip replacements and one knee replacement during the last 12 years. I have found Wendy’s lovely classes keep my body and muscles supple and strong."

"She's fantastic at knowing everyone's name and their individual foibles, ie backs/hips/knees and adapts exercises accordingly. The programme is always carefully planned, never repetitive or boring. It’s a relaxed session and great fun."

"Wendy is dedicated to giving her pupils a positive experience. She is enthusiastic, experienced and able to tailor exercise for each individual. After 15 years of Pilates I would nominate Wendy as providing the best classes and being a very caring teacher."

Elena Kapitsa

Matwork Pilates Teacher

FitCore Reformer Teacher

Elena teaches mat Pilates and FitCore Reformer for Ease Pilates.

Elena is a Level 3 Pilates matwork teacher and one of the first teachers in the UK to qualify to teach the FitCore Reformer workout from Peak Pilates.

Having gained a Diploma in Personal Training in 2008, she has since qualified to teach a range of disciplines from Boxercise to Fitness Yoga. She brings a wealth of skills and experience to her classes. Her energy and enthusiasm shine through in all her classes and you are sure to love her! Elena loves accompanying clients on their fitness journeys, achieving goals together and celebrating each of their victories.

Elena is currently studying to become an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Testimonials for Elena

"Thank you Elena for the fun Pilates lessons - the range of exercises and pace was just right, including the roll overs!"

"She is a humorous and engaging instructor. Her descriptions of exactly how to carry out exercises are clear and refreshing. She is observant and happy to make gentle corrections. I enjoy her progressions through sequences of movements."

"I really enjoy Elena’s Pilates classes. She has a calm, friendly manner and she makes me feel safe and supported. She challenges us and is vigilant in making sure that we are all doing the movements correctly. The class moves along briskly and I feel invigorated and well exercised at the end. It greatly improves my flexibility and strength. I hate having to miss Pilates!