Group Reformer

Semi-private group classes of up to seven students with attentive teachers, using the reformer to transform your body. Your reformer is where you allow the body to take what it needs to restore its strength, flexibility and sense of ease. 

Our classes are 50 minutes and take place at our studio on Histon Road. We expect you to take a private lesson or induction before attending your first group reformer class.

We offer three levels of class: technique, flow, and advance; and three styles of class: group reformer, Pilates for Posture, and FitCore.

Level 1-2. Technique. 

A foundations level class. We'll focus on introducing fundamental movements, proper alignment, and breathing techniques to help you build a solid groundwork for your practice.

Level 2-3. Flow

A progressions level class. We'll delve deeper into Pilates principles and introduce more challenging exercises and variations.

Level 3-4+. Advance

A journey towards mastery. We'll incorporate more advanced movements and choreography to keep your practice engaging and challenging.

Group reformer

Group reformer is a traditional control and alignment focused class. Here you will learn to move with ease, strengthen and mobilise your whole body. Our classes promote strength through the whole body, postural alignment, functional mobility and endurance. Group reformer Pilates is amazing to destress, and to complement athletic training or rehabilitation.

Pilates for Posture

Pilates for Posture is for entering older adulthood with strength, balance and posture. We don't set limits; however this class is aimed at women in their mid fifties to early seventies. It is taught by a bone health specialist and is suitable for people with conditions such as osteopenia, arthritis and joint replacements. If you have osteoporosis, please discuss whether this class will be suitable for you.

FitCore™ reformer

FitCore™ Reformer from Peak Pilates is an innovative program that combines the best of Pilates reformer exercise with body weight exercise, standing work, and stretching for a total mind-body workout experience, all performed to motivating music. You will grow more stable, strong and flexible. Because this is a fast-paced class, it is only suitable for people who do not require modifications to accommodate injuries. 

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely and cover you appropriately throughout a range of movements. Usually a t-shirt or vest and shorts or leggings. Avoid any clothing or jewellery with long parts that might get caught in the equipment. Please do not wear sharp jewellery or zips that might damage the upholstery. We ask you to wear gripsocks. You will not need trainers. As a courtesy to others, please wear clean clothes and avoid strong perfumes/lotions. Please bring water and a towel.