Mission, core values and ethos

Our Mission

Empowering humans to love movement; through Pilates, community and results.

Our core values





Fearless movement

Our Ethos

We  are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment so that our clients can enjoy Pilates in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. This includes non-discriminatory practice in terms of race, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, size, disability, sex and gender reassignment.

Pilates spans disciplines. It is a movement practice that spans fitness, rehabilitation, movement and learning. As such our teachers have a unique role as both coach and teacher. All interactions between teachers and students are based on a principle of mutual respect.

We recognise that getting the best results sometimes involves outside support. Therefore we welcome collaboration with medical and allied health professionals and other fitness providers.

As an environmentally-friendly business, we strive to minimise wastage by using paper free technology when possible. We avoid single use plastics. We encourage our clients to use sustainable transport where possible (please see our contact page for details of bike parking and access by bus).

Move with ease

Following the well-balanced programme of Pilates exercises that we offer you will start to notice that movement simply becomes easier. Whether it's reaching to get your shoes from under your bed, creating beautiful shapes in dance or smashing a tennis ball across a court: increased control, strength and flexibility all contribute to graceful, efficient movement with improved posture. 

Ease gives you me-time where you are so focused on the exercise that thoughts from the outside world don't come and trouble you! All exercise releases endorphins and elevates your mood; our classes go further by both enhancing the mind-body connection and giving you a sense of satisfaction in the progress that you achieve. 

Feel at Ease

Our instructors welcome the full range of physical capabilities and levels - there is no competition and definitely no judgement! The studio apparatus is particularly accessible for beginners and people who find matwork Pilates too challenging. Ease Pilates reformer studio is situated on the 2nd storey of 182 Histon Road. You must be able to climb 2 flights of stairs to take part in our reformer Pilates classes.