Pilates matwork

Small group classes of up to 12 students using bodyweight and small props to build control and flexibility.

Matwork lessons last 55 minutes.

Pilates on the mat is a functional exercise system to aid you in your daily life while giving a taller, leaner physical appearance through improved posture. The emphasis on precise movement and good technique helps to develop mental focus, and offers an effective method of relaxation.

We teach small group mat classes of up to 12 students both in person at Harston Village Hall and on Zoom. Pilates matwork is a useful complement to studio Pilates and teaches the skills for home practice, to get the most out of your Pilates programme.

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely and cover you appropriately throughout a range of movements. Usually a t-shirt or vest and shorts or leggings.

Contrology matwork - coming soon

No springs attached - this is not your usual mat class! 50 minutes using only your bodyweight, this mat-based class is for advanced practitioners of Pilates to apply their strength and control to the original 34 exercises - without spring assistance!