Which is the right class for Me?

Our small class sizes mean that we can accommodate a wide range of abilities within a single lesson. However, there's nothing better than finding a class and a community where you fit right in! 

I've heard about the reformer and want to give it a try

We know, everyone is talking about the Pilates reformer because of the amazing fitness results that it delivers! We recommend that you take a private lesson to learn how to use the equipment before joining a group reformer lesson. After that, you should start with a reformer beginners class or FitCore reformer beginners class - if you are unsure, your teacher will help to direct you to the most suitable class. We welcome people who are new to Pilates and people who have experience with the matwork into these classes.

I have minor injuries but I have been told by my physiotherapist or other health professional that exercise will help

Depending on your situation, you may prefer to go straight into a reformer beginners lesson, or to take a private lesson or two first.  Get in touch via our contact page if you are unsure.

I have complex injuries that need extra attention

It sounds like you need private lessons. You will have the undivided attention of an expert Pilates teacher to ensure that you can exercise within your capabilities. We can communicate with your physiotherapist or other health professional to ensure a consistent continuation of care. Some people stay with private lessons for good; whereas others take a few lessons to learn the modifications that they need to make to participate in group lessons.
As fitness professionals it is out of our scope of practice to diagnose or treat illnesses. Therefore sometimes we need to recommend that you to seek advice from a medical professional.

I've recently moved to Cambridge and I want to continue working out on the reformer

Fantastic! We love reformer lovers! Feel free to try out any of our classes - if you know which style of workout you liked best before you came here, then why not try that? In short for an upbeat and fun workout, try FitCore; for a more traditional class with a focus on alignment, try reformer beginners or reformer improvers.

I love exercise, I love music, and I want to improve my strength and fitness

FitCore is perfect for you! With motivating music and simple yet challenging exercises, this flowing class puts the focus on strength and fitness results.  We offer two versions of this class, depending on your level - beginner or regular!

If you are experienced in using the reformer, then you will enjoy our 30 minute jumpboard class. This class will elevate your heart rate and strengthen your core.

Or, if you fancy something outside of Pilates, you could come to our music-led high intensity workout, STRONG Nation, held on Tuesdays at Girton Recreation Ground (outdoors in summer, indoors in winter or bad weather).

I want a high intensity workout, high impact workout

Our reformer Pilates classes are not high impact. We believe that Pilates is not the best or safest way to work out at high intensity. Pilates is about working with control and coordination to strengthen your body and improve the way that you move. But here's a secret....we aren't only about Pilates.  You might enjoy our STRONG Nation HIIT classes, at Girton Recreation Ground (Girton Pavilion in winter). Find out more here

l am post-menopausal and want to maintain posture, balance, strength and healthy bones as I age.

Pilates for Posture is perfect for you. A bespoke and targeted way to learn Pilates. The suggested age range is 55 to 75 years. However, we don't set limits, and it's best to consider your own fitness level to help you decide.

I want a good-quality Pilates mat workout

You should come to our matwork classes! Our classes are small and expertly taught. Working with body weight only, or using small props such as resistance bands, magic circles or hand held weights, these classes will stretch you out and strengthen your core muscles.

I am a business looking for Pilates for staff wellbeing 

Please visit our Corporate Pilates website.