Empowering humans to love movement

Welcome to Ease. You'll feel right at home at our friendly mat, reformer
and apparatus Pilates studio in Cambridge.

At Ease Pilates, we will help you find more ease in your movement! Our expertly taught small-group and private classes give you a personalised workout in a welcoming and fun environment. 

Our classes are intense on your muscles but gentle on your joints. Whether you want to move away from pain, condition your body for optimum sports performance, or just need motivating to get fit, Ease Pilates will get you there. Our different class styles, including group and private lessons, classical and contemporary, mean that there is something just right for you. To get started, click the button below! We look forward to working with you.

Life is Better when you Move with Ease

Just for you. Private lessons using a range of Pilates studio apparatus.

A small group reformer pilates lesson

Group reformer

The versatile reformer apparatus uses spring resistance to transform your body.                      

A mat Pilates lesson in Cambridge

Pilates Matwork

Use your own bodyweight and small props to develop your core control and mobility.           

"The difference to my overall well-being cannot be overstated"