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Empowering humans to love movement

Life is better when you move with Ease.

Welcome to Ease. Your reformer and apparatus Pilates studio in Cambridge.

At Ease Pilates, we offer expertly taught, small-group and private classes in a welcoming and fun environment. Our goal is to help you find more ease in your movement!

Our classes are intense on your muscles but gentle on your joints. Whether you want to move away from pain, condition your body for optimum sports performance, or just need motivating to get fit, Ease Pilates will get you there. Our different class styles and private lessons mean that there should be something just right for you.

Just for you. Private lessons for one to three people using a range of Pilates studio apparatus.

Group reformer

The versatile reformer apparatus uses spring resistance to transform your body.                      

Pilates Matwork

Use your own bodyweight and small props to develop your core control and mobility.           

How should I start?

Get in touch with us for a chat so that we can get to know you and see if we are a great fit. We are always happy to answer your questions. After our phone call, you may want to join straight up, or you can come to the studio to meet us in person and get comfortable with the space and the apparatus. We will work together to choose the right programme that will set you up for success.
For information on our timetable and pricing options, please visit our times & prices page.

Which is the right class for me?

Our mission

Empowering humans to love movement; through Pilates, community and results.

Our core values





Fearless movement

Our ethos

We  are committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment so that our clients can enjoy Pilates in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. This includes non-discriminatory practice in terms of race, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, size, disability, sex and gender reassignment.

Pilates spans disciplines. It is a movement practice that spans fitness, rehabilitation, movement and learning. As such our teachers have a unique role as both coach and teacher. All interactions between teachers and students are based on a principle of mutual respect.

We recognise that getting the best results sometimes involves outside support. Therefore we welcome collaboration with medical and allied health professionals and other fitness providers.

As an environmentally-friendly business, we strive to minimise wastage by using paper free technology when possible. We avoid single use plastics. We encourage our clients to use sustainable transport where possible (please see our contact page for details of bike parking and access by bus).

Move with ease

Following the well-balanced programme of Pilates exercises that we offer you will start to notice that movement simply becomes easier. Whether it's reaching to get your shoes from under your bed, creating beautiful shapes in dance or smashing a tennis ball across a court: increased control, strength and flexibility all contribute to graceful, efficient movement with improved posture. 

Ease gives you me-time where you are so focused on the exercise that thoughts from the outside world don't come and trouble you! All exercise releases endorphins and elevates your mood; our classes go further by both enhancing the mind-body connection and giving you a sense of satisfaction in the progress that you achieve. 

Feel at Ease

Our instructors welcome the full range of physical capabilities and levels - there is no competition and definitely no judgement! The studio apparatus is particularly accessible for beginners and people who find matwork Pilates too challenging. Ease Pilates reformer studio is situated on the 2nd storey of 182 Histon Road. You must be able to climb 2 flights of stairs to take part in our reformer Pilates classes. 


What should I wear?

What should I bring?

All equipment is provided for reformer lessons; however you should bring a bottle of water and, if you tend to sweat a lot during exercise, a towel. For mat lessons, please bring your own mat. If you are just starting out you may prefer to borrow one from us; we also sell high quality eco-mats that are perfect for use in the studio and for self-practice as well as a range of small props. 

Can I do Pilates if I have an injury?

Our highly skilled teachers are able to modify exercises to accommodate a range of injuries; however if you do have an injury or medical condition, please discuss it with us before signing up so that we can ensure that you are exercising in an appropriate class or one-to-one lesson. Occasionally, we may recommend that you visit a medical professional for advice before attending our lessons.

Do I need prior experience?

All of our clients were beginners once! We offer different types of classes to accommodate people with different needs and abilities. It is our aim to place you in a class where you feel comfortable that you fit in! We can help you regardless of where you in your fitness journey - rest assured that you are in the right place. We recommend that you take a private lesson to learn how to use the equipment before joining a group reformer lesson.

How often do I need to attend to get results?

You will get the best results by attending three times per week - ideally one mat, one reformer and one private lesson per week. However, if you can only attend once per week you will still feel the benefits, particularly if you are doing Pilates alongside other activities to support your fitness such as running, dancing or weight training. If you cannot commit to attending once per week you are less likely to notice the benefits to your body.

Will Pilates help me to lose weight?

As a mind-body exercise Pilates can support weight loss in combination with a healthy diet by burning calories, building muscle (which increases your metabolism) and by helping with your mental health in ways that help to regulate your appetite (self-esteem, sleep and reduced stress levels). However, we are not a weight-loss centre and we believe that health is more important than size.

We expect all of our new clients to take a 1:1 lesson before joining our group reformer classes. People already familiar with the reformer may opt for a shorter induction lesson instead.

Why do I need to take a private lesson before a group reformer lesson?

Used correctly, the Pilates reformer is a safe and effective tool for exercise. However, it is a fairly complex piece of apparatus using powerful springs and an unstable platform. A 1:1 lesson will teach you the skills to safely and confidently join a group reformer lesson. In our commitment to tailored instruction, we do not offer open level classes on the reformer. While our small group lessons allow for individual modifications, we believe that grouping individuals with similar levels enhances the effectiveness of the exercise programming and ensures the best progress. An initial session serves to get to know you, introduce our studio etiquette, and assess which classes align best with your level. 

If you have learned Pilates on the reformer elsewhere, a full 1:1 lesson may not be necessary. Instead we suggest that you may prefer a short induction. Since not all Pilates studios use the same apparatus, during your induction we will show you how to correctly set up our reformers, and refresh your knowledge on their safe usage.  If you take out a monthly payment membership with us, we include the cost of your induction in your membership plan, or offer a discount from your first private lesson.

While I understand that this approach may be unexpected, I am sure that once you experience our group classes, you'll see the benefits of this thoughtful process, knowing that everyone in the class has also been properly introduced to our way of working.

What can I expect from my first visit to Ease Pilates?

Directions to the studio can be found at the bottom of our contact page.

Please enter by the door between Coffee Tree and Formula One Autocentre and proceed to the second floor. Please arrive dressed to work out. There is a rack for you to leave your shoes on, and you can bring your personal belongings into the studio with you. You will be greeted by our staff and, during your first visit, you will be given a quick introduction to the studio. It's only small, but we understand the importance of knowing where everything is and where to put things! Our studios are 'shoes off', so we provide a shoe rack; however coats and valuables can be brought into the room with you. If you need a chair to help remove your shoes, just ask! You will be introduced to your teacher, and when you are attend your first group class, you will be introduced to your class mates. We strive to make you feel comfortable as part of our inclusive community.

You will be guided by our expert teachers through your workout. Our private lessons and small class sizes mean that you will get the attention that you need, and the opportunity to ask questions if you are unsure.

At the end of a reformer class, you will be expected to wipe down your reformer so that it's clean for the next user, as well as making sure that you have left your station tidy. After a mat class, you can return any borrowed equipment to the office and head home - or for a coffee with your classmates!

Please thank your teacher when you leave.

Where can I find your privacy policy and terms of service?

You can find them on our website here.